Perfectly Imperfect

Anonymous asked: when is your birthday? by the way you are one of my favorite people out there you're pretty awesome

A month from tomorrow! September 17th and thank yeww that’s awfully sweet of you

Anonymous asked: thoughts on max haddadin


Anonymous asked: Ever been surfing? Are you any good?

Yes and no

Anonymous asked: How early do u usually wake up & how early are the hot yoga classes you go to?

I wake up around 8 or so usually without an alarm. And I take yoga classes whenever I find time but usually either between 7-12 in the morning or at night 6-8pm

Anonymous asked: how tall are you?

5’4” or 5’5” idk :-/

Anonymous asked: what grade is lucas taub in?

Haha junior

Anonymous asked: how did u make ur Hawaii video


Off to Europe tomorrow! CANNOT wait for this adventure