Perfectly Imperfect

Anonymous asked: When are u going to Europe

next week! soo excited!

Anonymous asked: Next time your in kaui you should check out the Napoli coast it's beautiful

North, South, East, West shore?

Anonymous asked: What islands have u been to in Hawaii? And wats your favorite

I been to the big island, Oahu, and Kauai. Oahu is my favorite because of the people and the experiences i’ve had there, but Kauai is beautiful and so so so green!

Anonymous asked: why aren't u going to Hawaii this summer?

my family is going to europe instead!

Anonymous asked: What are some of the best things you've done so far this summer? Anything super adventurous? I have a month left until I go back to school and I need some inspiration:)

nothing outrageous yet! some supper mellow beach days with just the best of people so far, and some crazy, random, silly nights are what made my summer so fun!

Anonymous asked: is hot yoga relaxing

incredibly! and such a inspiring practice. I’ve learned to appreciate so much from practicing yoga